Sunday, August 30, 2009


Completed: August 2009

Pattern: Knit Chickens, by Susan B. Anderson, and chart by Michelle Mooney

  • Cascade 220 Heathers #2453 (100% wool), 0.3 x 220yd/100g
  • Cascade 220 #9476 (100% wool), 0.3 x 220yd/100g
  • Cascade 220 #9404 (100% wool), 0.2 x 220yd/100g
  • Cascade 220 #7824 (100% wool), just a bit x 220yd/100g

    Notes: I made another chicken following ElleM’s awesome chart, just using a different color scheme. My first one was made as a gift, and this one I made for myself and wanted her to match my kitchen.

    I constructed this one in the same way as Henrietta. The only other thing I’ll mention is that I find it helpful to put a layer of polyfill on the bottom before pouring in the pellets–helps to keep them from working their way out.

    She is named after Babs, the knitting chicken from the movie Chicken Run. It's not meant to look like the original Babs, just an homage :-)

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