Monday, May 25, 2009


Completed: May 2009

Pattern: Knit Chickens, by Susan B. Anderson, and chart by Michelle Mooney

  • Cascade 220 #8555 (100% wool), 0.3 x 220yd/100g
  • Cascade 220 #8010 (100% wool), 0.3 x 220yd/100g
  • Cascade 220 #9404 (100% wool), 0.2 x 220yd/100g
  • Cascade 220 #7824 (100% wool), just a bit x 220yd/100g
    Notes: I completely copied Michelle for this one, color scheme and all. She has very generously shared the chart she used to make her beyond-brilliant version of the already adorable Knit Chickens pattern.

    I made just a couple of very minor tweaks to the pattern. For the tail feather shaping, I did row 3 as ssk, k1, k2tog because I thought that was more symmetric (yes, I’m anal). I steam blocked the wattle flat after knitting it and sewed it on at the top but did not tack it down the rest of the way. For the crown and beak, I cut a long tail and stuffed it inside instead of trying to get the fiberfill inside. And finally, I changed the construction order a bit. I finished the head and tail and sewed on all the little pieces before closing up the body. I just thought it would be a bit easier to sew and to manage all those yarn ends this way.


    Anonymous said...

    Your chicken is the best, much better then original. Love it!

    La MaƱosa said...

    Wow, this is so cute! Great job! I had been wanting to try the chicken pattern for a while now and am even more excited seeing this pretty design element added to it.