Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Reindeer Stocking

Completed: December 2008

Pattern: Cascade Christmas Stocking, by Marji LaFraniere

  • Cascade 220 Wool (100% merino), #8010, 1 x 220yd/100g
  • Cascade 220 Heathers (100% merino), #9338, 1 x 220yd/100g

    Notes:The construction of this stocking was like the Christmas tree stocking. The reindeer motif was from a DROPS Sweater. I really liked how interesting and dynamic this reindeer looked to me compared to some of the other charts available. I did think the little white spots on its underside looked a bit odd, though, so I modified that part a little. The last little detail is a silver ribbon tied around the neck.

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