Sunday, August 5, 2007

Kinda Kusha Scarf

Completed: July 2007

Pattern: Based on the Kusha Kusha Scarf, Habu

Yarn: Habu A-20 #1 (69% silk, 31% stainless steel), 1 x 0.5 oz cone (277 yd each, and used every last bit); Habu A-33 #40 (100% wool), 1 x 1 oz cone (747yd each, and used about half)

Notes: This was one of those knits where you can really just enjoy the process yet come out with a great product as well! Even though it's only stockinette, the fibers really make it. I can understand now why so many people have fallen in love with Habu products. I didn't do all the needle changing that is recommended in the pattern, though. It's basically a long rectangle with some solo sections of the silk stainless at both ends done on size 6 needles, and the middle section is the silk stainless plus merino done on size 8's. When I first finished knitting it, I was hesitant about felting the scarf. When I finally mustered up the courage and plunged it into the water, the beautiful white silk stainless turned a dingy light gray, and my heart sank. So I was really really conservative in felting it. After it dried, though, I decided to be brave and tossed it back in again for a more thorough felting, to make it look more like the sample I had seen in my LYS. And this is what I got, and I really like it. The final size is about 4-1/4" x 38".

Now, when I first started seeing this on blogs, I was struck by the beauty of the scarf, but I was also worried that it would feel like you were strangling yourself with a wire sculpture if you were to try to wear it. Actually, it's quite comfortable. The stainless steel gives it just a bit of structure, so the scarf is malleable. The only thing is that if I made the scarf again, I would probably get an extra cone of the stainless and make it longer (the cone of merino is only about half-used).


Christie said...

That stainless is the coolest thing. I totally have to try it!

Lauren said...

I have been trying to finish my Shippo Habu jacket and just can't. Your scarf is inspirational. I am not a felt fan but yours looks perfect and delicate. Hurrah! Here is a pic of how the sweater is supposed to look. I just can't do it.