Wednesday, September 10, 2008


Completed: August 2008

Pattern: Jasmine, Nectar by Kim Hargreaves

Yarn: Online Linie Java (67% mercerized cotton, 33% viscose rayon), #???, 5x 176yd/50g

Notes: The pattern itself is clear and the style is classic. It definitely has Kim Hargreaves stamped all over it! However, the pattern schematics are not very detailed. Sure, you can go and calculate out more detailed measurements, but that would defeat the purpose of a schematic, no? Also, the instructions don’t tell you what size buttons to buy (I used 1/2”).

Here are the mods I made:
  • Knit in the round up to the armhole. It would have been possible at this point to continue seamlessly by first knitting the bottom border of each sleeve and then joining all the pieces to continue knitting in the round. However, the rate of raglan decreases is different for the sleeves than for the bodice. This means that I would have had to make a little table or something to keep track of when to decrease where. I was lazy and decided not to fool with it.
  • Did not like eyelet border on placket, so used column of reverse stockinette instead on the right placket; omitted it altogether on the left.
  • For left placket, picked up stitches behind right placket rather than casting on and needing to sew it up later.
  • Used short rows for sleeve cap shaping. Ended all pieces on RS and held live stitches on holder. When the pieces were done, sewed up raglan seams and then knit neck edging, starting from WS-–no need to pick up stitches except for a few stitches along the neck shaping.

    The yarn is very splitty, but it makes up for it with great sheen and drape. It is a bit stiff to work with, but it blocks beautifully. The stitches evened out without any coaxing, and it softened a lot. It also did not grow out the way you might expect a cotton yarn to do.

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