Thursday, July 24, 2008


Completed: July 2008

Pattern: Eastlake, Norah Gaughan Volume 3

Yarn: Cascade Venezia Worsted (70% merino, 30% silk), #130, 4x 218yd/100g

You'll probably use quite a bit less yardage than the pattern calls for, at least for the 32" size.
  • Cast on 2 sts less so that ribbing starts and ends with k2 for easier seaming
  • Started with front. This was basically because I was so anxious to knit that leaf panel, but it worked out for the best. If you do the full pattern and have row gauge, you will end up with a longer length than the back. But if you start with the front, it’s easy enough to make the back match that length. Doing the front first means that you have to guesstimate a bit about the length of the neck extensions. Go ahead and knit them to the measurements in the schematic, but leave an extra-long tail after you bind off so that you can go back and add to the length a bit if it doesn’t work out.
  • Only knit to row 100 of leaf panel as it was already getting long for my body
  • Made the yo eyelets along the leaf “stalk” less obvious so I can wear it without a layer underneath. On the WS, ktbl for all yo’s. On the WS, ptbl for the stitch that will eventually be used to M7, M5, or M3
  • Omitted eyelet row across chest

    A few errors have already been added to the errata page. Here are the ones I think remain as of 7/24/08:
  • Back calls for 3 rows of a reverse stockinette ridge just under the armhole, but front only calls for 2 rows. Since I made the front first, I had to make the back match it, but I believe the directions for the back are the correct ones.
  • Eyelet row for front should start out with knit stitches, not purls

    I’m wearing this with 0” ease in the chest and about 1-1/2” in the hips.


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    Wow, that is so beautiful! It looks like it drapes beautifully.

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    It is so beautiful!

    I tried to understand how to knit this leafs, but, unfortunately, I can’t;(