Sunday, April 27, 2008

Drop Stitch Lace Tank

Completed: April 2008

Pattern: Drop Stitch Tank, Fitted Knits, by Stephanie Japel

Yarn: Feza Lisa (100% Nylon), #565, 3 x 209yd/skein

Notes: If you are knitting this, don't forget to look at the errata. I knit this in the round, basically following the directions that had been posted to the KAL, including the part about knitting through the backs of stitches. To make the pattern go all the way around without interruption, I cast on a multiple of 8 stitches (only 136 to make sure it wasn't too big for me, since a lot of people had problems with that, and to make sure I didn't run out of yarn!). I included ribbing on the back, moved the ribbing section up closer to my natural waist, moved the neckline up, and omitted the buttonholes/buttons.

I wanted to divide for the 2 front sections in such a way that there would be symmetry. It's divided up the middle of one of the knitted (as opposed to purled) sections. It's a minor thing, but I think it would have irked me otherwise. To make the math work out, though, it meant that I had to put more stitches on the front than in the back when making that division. I made the choice to divide for front/back in the middle of a knit section too. Because it's all so strethcy, you can't really tell that there are 8 more stitches for the front than for the back. If you want to do the same, you would
  • cast on N number of stitches, where N is a multiple of 8 (in my case, 136)
  • reserve (N/2) + 4 stitches for the front (in my case, 72)
  • leaving (N/2) - 4 stitches for the back (in my case, 64)

    I worked a smaller neck edging since I wasn't interested in placing buttons. To do this, I picked up stitches as directed, then worked 3 rows in reverse stockinette and finally bound off in stockinette pattern. I put in an armhole edging too because my edge stitches there were u-g-l-y! For the armholes, I picked up stitches just like the neckband, did 1 row of reverse stockinette, and then bound off in stockinette pattern. The armhole edging was worked in the round using magic loop.

    Twisted Knitter said...

    I thought so! You looked like you'd gotten a haircut and it appears you did!

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    Hey this looks great - its in my que and now I might have to bump it up a place or two!