Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Scarf Askew

Completed: June 2007

Pattern: Scarf Askew, Magknits

Yarn: Rowanspun DK #736 (100% wool), 2 x 50g hanks (218yds each)

Notes: This was easy and relaxing, but also mindful--you do have to pay attention so that you don't mess up the pattern. Also, to make the end of the scarf look like the beginning, you should purl 2 rows before binding off, rather than knitting 2 rows the way the instructions say. I was able to get a 7" x 78" scarf with the yardage I had. I chose not to add any tassels, so the finishing was very easy: only 4 ends to weave in!

The yarn is discontinued, which is too bad, because it was good to work with. It has a slightly felted feel and has interesting nubs of different colors (blue. yellow, even orange) throughout. The yarn is light, as the scarf is meant as a present for someone in a not-very-cold climate.

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